The Democrats Fail To Condemn Useless Protests after THE CAUSE Has Been Made by the BLM

As a lifelong, pacifist, counter-culture-peacful-civil-disobedience-supporter I have to SCREAM and ask...   Is this 'Good Trouble'?

Far Left groups are killing the cause and I don't hear one Democratic Leader Condemning This!

Good Trouble?.... As they say... "Democracy Dies in The Darkness".... In my day we had the Weathermen, Black Panthers, Red Brigade and Anarchists to soil the righteousness of our cause.   It's all the just the same idiots just different Labels!

These non-sanctioned violent/destructive/arson-filled/vandalism filled protests are destroying the righteousness of the cause John Lewis and so many of his colleagues lived their lives for.  My second question is, which Democratic leader will stand up in this election year to condemn these riots? 


...On good authority (from my Oregonian friends)... there are…

Martin Luther King v.s. Malcolm X..... Which road do you take?

A loss of an historic icon, a MLK disciple... a man who’s wisdom I embraced for decades leaves us... but has given us the tools for a Peaceful and Civilized Collective Obligation within Humanity’s Natural Law. We must live this commitment until this country’s Federal and States Laws can mature to what they aspire to... Let us choose the light of Peace Mr Lewis and Martin spoke of and denounce the darker roads suggested by Malcolm X ...

Which road has brought greater results?  Ask yourselves this.  Decide what and how you wish to teach your children of what methods bring a greater respect and more palatable results. 

Freedom, do you know how to keep it?

“Freedom” is earned from a fervent implementation of our Bill Of Rights executed in the spirit of our founding fathers gift of liberty for all:    “For The People by the People practiced within a Collective Obligation of Service" to ones country by each and every one of us -
This equation will find success if we continue to condemn the Narcissistic Individualism this country has surrendered to.   "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you could do for your country."

I Will Never Forgive and So Should You...

And this is why I boycott the POLITICAL system of government... for I will never forgive...

Give me:    Democracy, Meritocracy, Nobility, Courage, Humanism, Responsibility...

Give me:    Governance not Politics...
Give me:    'Collective Obligationalism'  not  'Individualism While Serving The People'


Political Parties, Citizens United,  The Electoral College,  Multiple Terms In Office, Lobbyists, Political Pardons. 

Install Constitutional Amendments for: 

Political Vesting,  Legal & Academic Requirements For Running For Political Office,  Mandatory Requirements of All Presidential Appointees: To Pass Same Vesting Process as the Sitting President must be required to  (before running for office). 

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Perhaps The Millennials Can Do This For Us...

Through my reflections upon recent events preceding this 4th of July weekend, I humbly apologize for having not recognized the untapped potential Millennials possess and that when unleashed on the streets, in the city halls in the government squares, I truly believe that true change ‘at the top’ just might happen...
You outlasted the vandals, anarchists antifa and far left and right militants... to show you were different from the same old dark and nefarious factions and you kept marching, speaking, singing, chanting, dancing, loving, empathizing, demanding. You picked up the flame of my counter culture 50 years ago and have ‘so-far’ proven my pessimism unfounded. I beg of you: Stay away from violent change, from seeing Socialism or Communism as the answer to change. Drugs, anarchism, free love, free living.... ...All the factors that delegitimized our movements ethos 50 years ago... stay aware and stay away from the fist and gun. Today, a simple choice of ‘Democrati…

Two Trillion Dollar Defense Budget?

President Trumps speech at West Point highlighted a two (2) trillion dollar package for the Armed Forces over the next several years. Interesting investment in a military that has been unable to end two (2) major conflicts the U.S. initiated 19 years ago.

The individuals who are controlling the fate of the current wars abroad continue to refuse any advisement from Military Scholars who have been suggesting a new course of Military strategy towards modern conflict for decades.  Scholars from every Military Academy in the U.S., as well as foreign Military Advisors from the very regions we are at war with. 

Instead the Washington Political Machine insists on running the same game plan that is failing today, because it was so successful during World War II some 75 years ago. Another age, a different reality of warfare. 

Military Scholars have advised the politicians in Washington D.C. that the adversaries of the United States of America have read "The Hồ Chi Minh Guerilla Warfare Ha…

...And Then There's the 'Boogaloo Boys'

Ahhhh yes.... and there's the good ol' Boogaloo boys..... We had the 'Hawks' and the 'Hard Hats' in the early '70s, only difference is, they weren't stupid enough to brandish firearms. If you don't think this isn't Violent Protest... Many courts across America have time and again ruled the very visual of this 'IS VIOLENCE'.
Just as the Judicial institutions of America find the visual of the extreme such as: Rape Art, Violence and Horror Films, Rock & Roll and Hip Hop Songs that preach violence, death and darkness: has chosen to vote (majority of the cases) against the 1st Amendment right of the Defendant on the grounds for the collective obligation of THE LAW to protect the decency, ethics and morals of a society and in the choice that "the right to create such violence of perception does not exceed the 1st Amendment right of the peoples right to NOT be subjected to such vulgar and hateful expression.
I as an artist, stand …